• 20 years of excellence
        Our intellectual assets combined with our vast
        experience enable us to provide solutions that propel
        customer's business forward.
      • Customer First
        Our strategic vision is strongly driven by our
        customer's needs and we solve some of their
        toughest business problems.
      • Committed to
        Our policy is to never compromise on excelling
        in our field. We always promise superior products
        and services to our customers.

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      We are a digital solutions provider with primary focus on the financial and retail sectors around the world for almost two decades. With deep understanding of emerging technologies and service oriented business model, we empower our customers with unparalleled solutions.

      Our ability to solve our client's business problems has steadily evolved over the past two decades helping us expand to new markets across multiple industries and geographies. Among our growing roster of clients, we serve several fortune 100 companies, many of which have been with us from our beginning days.



      Years of Experience


      Fortune Companies

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      We have been providing streamlined solutions in Analytics and Business Intelligence, Business Automation and Web / Mobile Application Development. We approach a complex business problem with the end goal of providing the simplest solution possible.

      Financial Industry

      With heavy focus and prolonged exposure in the financial sector, we have earned the trust of many leading hedge fund managers, advisers and analysts in the industry. Our expertise lies in building various software solutions ranging from Investor Portal to market/trade Data Analytics and Data Warehousing.

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      Retail Industry

      Among many of our clients in the sector, for almost two decades, we have been serving the second largest food service and beverage business in the world with quarter a million employees around the globe. We have equipped them with an array of highly scalable cloud solutions to manage and analyze several business functions.

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      One of our clients, a leading hedge fund in the United States, found it challenging to consolidate data, spread across many unfriendly internal systems and numerous external sources, while their credibility and business growth is intrinsically linked to their investment decisions. Nexgen developed a structured research management system that gave them easy and insightful access to all information that is critical to their investment strategy through a single knowledge interface.


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